Day: April 11, 2020


Part of my own project and still in progress.
Aro is a Haptic band for guiding in the city with our own haptic language and app based on Google Maps, allowing a sensorial disabled people understand indications by their skin in a really easy way.

Autopista Challenge

Design proposal of the autonomous car of 2020 for Nissan in 2015.
This was my proposal, not awared but published in the magazine Autopista with a memorable mention “Alvaro risks with his innovative design”.
The car is dynamic and allows to expand or reduce the interior space to improve comfort in autonomous driving.
The wheels are itself autonomous with a built-in damping system and electric motor. Cause of the wheels are individuals the steering is produced by playing with the speed of each wheel and its angle of incidence with the ground.
Done with 21years old.


Contest proposal for Visual Direct . Design of a contact lens case for every day use based on two main concepts:
User Flow

Finalist project and featured in their website