From Lucena, a little town from Cordoba and based now in Malaga. I’m 25 years old. Everybody calls me Alvarin because I still conserve my child spirit. I’ve lived in Poland, doing Erasmus, in Barcelona, finishing Mechanical Engineering and in Madrid, accelerating my ideas in Red Bull Basement.

Industrial Product Designer & Mechanical Engineer.

Educational background.

Product Design.

Done in Universidad de Malaga and a small part in IED Madrid. Since 2013.

 By myself I learned design methodologies and tones of hours of CAD modelling and rendering.


Mechanical Engineer.

Writting thesis right now about Topology Optimization. Since 2013 in Málaga, then 2015 in Warsaw University of Technology and then in UPC of Barcelona. 

Also collaborating internally with a project based on preciousplastics.

Thanks to this, I learned how to fast make functional prototypes with the all mathematical and physical knowledge it needs.

Bussines & Marketing.

Learning about how bussines works in some programs like Explorer by Santander, Polaris Academy, Minerva, Ideas factory and Red Bull Basement.

Trying to finish my own start-up project, TUSO, about Haptics Technology and social Impact. 

Helping other start-ups making his bussines model more sustainable and improving their social impact.


I love drawing, graphics and photography so by myself I learned related software. Now I’m working as Freelancer of this stuff and learning now about animation techniques and software. I would like to express my ideas in the best way. 

Apart I love to code in C++ and Python, but I have a soft knowledge about CSS, JS and PHP. I’m also a web designer (like this site)

Knowledge is everything




Since 2010. 

I started fixing Smartphones, computers and consoles. 

Now I’m doing Prototypes, decoration stuff, websites, analog photography, graphic desing and 3D design.

Also worked like skate model for freepik.com



in Fast Foward Thinking, a strategic foresight & futures anticipation consultancy, from October to December 2019. 




Since 2017 with our first idea Blind Tech, a smart white cane.

Now with Tuso, a technological social impact project worried about sensorial disabled people: tuso.es

How I spend my free time



Sharing my design and entrepeneur experience, motivating people. 

I have taught classes in my university and offered advice to anyone who has asked me.

Everything that points to a better futures will have my help.


I’m extremely curious and I love go deep as I can. 

Now I’m writting two papers:

-Product design for futures scenarios. Methodology

-Haptic Translation and Transmission.


Working with sensorial disabled people.


Every free slot I’ll skate. 

My vehicle to everywhere.

I love challenges.


Drone Challenge

2015. Creation of an accesory for drones.

Gyrodron saves battery and gives security in your flights.


Finalist in 2016. Concept of 2020 autonomous car.


Best idea generated in 48 hours and bussines model.


Best Technical dimension development with an ultrasonic object recognition prototype for a blind white cane.


andalusia industrial design contest

First price with Ganto.


4 Months building a bussines model and pitching. 

Best local idea gifted with a Silicon Valley travel


Spin Off by UMA

Awarded idea from IMFE, Malaga with capital support for the development.


Selected idea for incubation. 


with a design of a contact lens case.